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Men's Ministry Chili Cook Off

Wednesday, January 31, 2024
5:30 pm8:00 pm

Men’s Ministry Chili Cook Off
Wednesday January 31st
1. Beans Welcome
Unlike professional Chili cook-offs, all chili entries are considered chili’s if considered chili by the submitter. This includes white chili’s, chicken chili’s, and other such entries. ‘Red’ chili is the preferred type; however, any types are welcome.
2. Name Your Chili
Come up with a fun name for chili like “Angel Heat” or “Deacon Inferno” (keep it G rated). Include the chili name on the front of a 3x5 index card, along with a description and whether the chili is hot, medium or mild. Contestant’s name should be on the back of the card.
3. No Mystery Meat
Any meats may be used, but any meats that are not ground hamburger or ground turkey must be identified on the name card for the chili.
4. Hot or Not?
All entries that can be considered ‘hot’ must be identified as such for the consuming public.
5. Bring Some To Share
If at all possible, please use a 4-quart or larger crock-pot. The intent of the cook off is fun, but also to provide a meal for families attending the Wednesday night program.
6. Delivery On Time
Crock pots with chili ready to eat, should be delivered to the kitchen between 5:00 and 5:15 PM, Wednesday, January 31st. Judging will begin at 5:30. Entries not in place may not be judged for the competition.
7. What’s My Motivation (Judging Criteria)
Judges will be told that they should vote for the chili based on the following major considerations: good chili flavor, aftertaste, consistency, blend of spices, aroma and color.
8. Trophy!
The winning contestant will receive a special 2024 Cook-Off Champion trophy and be the envy of all the men in the church!
9. To Enter
All Men of First Presbyterian are invited to participate. Please email Brandon Hylton at email

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