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About Us

The Boys & Girls Clubs fill the gap between school and home. We provide a welcoming, positive environment in which kids and teens have fun, participate in life-changing programs, and build supportive relationships with peers and caring adults.

Every day 133,788 kids in South Carolina leave school with nowhere to go. They risk being unsupervised, unguided, and unsafe. Boys & Girls Clubs provide that space for kids to be in a positive, safe place. 

  • 96% of our teenaged Club members expect to graduate from high school
  • 82% expect to complete post-secondary education
  • 65% of our teenagers volunteer in their community at least once a year compared to only 25% of adults in the U.S.
  • 86% of members who needed to improve their academic performance according to their teachers - DID
  • 80% of members who needed to improve their behavior - DID 
  • 90% of our teens report abstained from alcohol compared to 67% nationally
  • 85% of members said they think about how other people will be affected by decisions they make

*Please note: In 2020 and 2021, the worldwide COVID pandemic impacted our work, limiting our ability to provide services for our youth in favor of maintaining their safety.

Our Partners

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    Gold Transparency 2024
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